Health Action Network has been a voice for sensible natural solutions for health concerns for over thirty years.

Dr. Suzanne LaCombe has a dynamic site which has many interesting articles and mental health resources. Read more about BCST and the body mind connection.

Michael Shea, PhD, is a top researcher in pre and perinatal psychology and an expert in the field of Biodynamic Craniosaral Therapy.

The Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education was founded by Dr. Lynn Zettl and partner Dr. Ed Josephs to promote better understanding of the issues around trauma and dysregulation.

This is the website of the International Affiliation of Biodynamic trainings. You will find practitoners from all over the world.

Visit the Upledger Institute for information about their courses.

Visit Myrna Martin's website to learn more about the field of pre and perinatal psychology.

Ocean Wellness provides healing and relaxation services to residents of the North Shore to help them be healthy, not only free from pain, but also vital, energetic and alive.