How is Craniosacral Therapy performed?

CST is an extremely gentle therapy. Supported by pillows, the fully clothed client lies on their back or sometimes on their side on a massage table. Infants snuggle in their mother’s arms. With slightly older children we may work on the floor or on the table.

We will take some time to settle and negotiate contact. The negotiation may be verbal or silent and is a crucial step in establishing rapport and relationship. If the client is anxious or tense we  will ensure that adequate time is allowed to create a safe space. I may introduce breathing and grounding techniques or help the client identify the felt sense of a “place of peace”. Other resourcing techniques from Self Regulating Therapy (SRT) may be introduced or I may invite the client on a guided meditation to get in touch with the fluid movement.

Often the client will fall asleep. I use a floating touch and empathetic listening to wait for the disturbances to reveal themselves and gently integrate. Craniosacral Therapy honors the client’s  self-healing process. The intention is not to “fix” problems, but rather to encourage the emergence of new levels of order in mind and body. Practitioners  of BCST know how to recognize the presence of the Breath of Life in many levels and locations of the body, and use appropriate methods to support and nurture its natural expression.

Although my approach is primarily Biodynamic, which means I am contacting and engaged on the fluid level, there may be times when I feel it is in the client’s best interest to use Shiatsu (a type of acupressure), Visceral Manipulation or the slightly more directed biomechanical CST, all therapies in which I have extensive training and many years experience. 

He is much more calm and able to give attention more attention to everything, not just school work.
— T.L., parent

How many treatments will I need?

Individual requirements vary dramatically. Some need only one or two treatment to resolve their issues other may need repeated treatments over a series of weeks or months. Anywhere from six to ten treatments is within the normal range. Babies usually respond more quickly with two to three sessions being the norm.

My breathing is much improved as well as the ability to articulate my spine and expand my ribs.
— S.S., pilates instructor